7 questions to ask when choosing your wedding photographer

For most of us, planning a wedding is something we don't have much experience in doing. Choosing your wedding photographer can seem a daunting task. Browsing websites and getting recommendations from family, friends and suppliers are a great way to start selecting your favourites. When you have got to this stage, then you'll want to contact them. To help you decide, we have compiled a few questions that you can ask to make sure they are a great choice for your wedding day.

One other point: As your wedding photographer will be with you for most of your wedding day, you want to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable with them. Rather than just emailing, we highly recommend you speak to them a few times in person or via skype/Facetime if you're not in the same area, before you make your final decision.  If you would like some more information from us on how we can help, contact us


"What sort of contact will you have with us prior to our wedding day?"

In order for us to create the photos you see on our website , you need to feel 100% comfortable with us. There is a certain energy that goes into our photography that is developed from the relationships we build with our couples. We cannot emphasise how important it is that we've met, and that you are comfortable and reassured that you've made the best decision for your wedding day. At the start of your planning, we'll meet you (or skype/Facetime if you're interstate), keep in contact during, and have a final meeting to review all the details before your day.  If you are from interstate, we will do all of these by skype/Facetime and will meet you face to face when you arrive. 

This will ensure you are 100% happy that we are accross all your plans, we know your own individual style and you know we will achieve your photography vision for your wedding day.

"We really don't like having our photo taken.  Will this matter?"

Benn is a master at making people feel comfortable. He's a genuinely lovely guy, and literally gets on with everyone. None of our couples have ever told us they are 100% happy and confident in front of the camera, but by creating the relationship beforehand, by the time you reach your wedding day, you will know you're in for a great time.  Additionally, some of the best photographs we capture are the unscripted, candid moments that help build the memories of your day. These moments come when he's blended into the background and you don't even know he's there.

"How can you help make sure we have time for the photos we want?"

It's all in the planning. As part of our service we will help you plan your day, give you advice on locations, travel (and anything else you need really!). We will also provide you with a 'run sheet' and review this to help you plan your time so you have enough time for everything you want to do.  

"Please can you show us a range of images from one wedding (for consistency)"

Absolutely. Any photographer can show a couple of 'hero' photos, but a good photographer will be able to have beautiful images for every part of the wedding - especially the trickier parts, such as the ceremony & reception. 

"Approximately how many weddings have you photographed?" 

Hundreds. We have been photographing weddings since 2007, overseas, interstate and locally. Our destinations currently include Hawaii, Paris, New Zealand, UK, Indonesia, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, the Whitsundays...we love to travel :)


"What is your back up procedure; how will you make sure our wedding photos are safe?"

We back up all our images 4 times, not only while we are still at your wedding day by using dual memory card slots to avoid card failure, then twice again at the office, to ensure your images are as safe as can be. We then also have an offsite back up...just in case our house burns down :). You are as protected as much as you can possibly be.

"What is the most important advice would you give me in regards to choosing our wedding photography?"

We'd have two main recommendations:

Listen to your friends and family. If you have seen someone work at a wedding and you liked what they do, then meet with them to see if you have the same vibe. You have seen them in action, which is far more valuable than going off a website or a few photos. Check reviews on their Facebook page. Ask other suppliers. If a photographer is great to work with, you will hear the same consistent message. 

and finally...

If photography is very important to you, then choose very carefully. While it may seem important to save a little bit of money, we hear countless stories of regret from couples who opted to save money on their photography and were disappointed. It is unfair to ask a less experienced (and therefore cheaper) photographer to emulate your prefered, creative & experienced (but more expensive) photographer. Choose someone you know that understands what you want, and that can create the right energy with you to create the magic you deserve!

Happy hunting!

Jules & Benn, Blue Sky Photography

 Blue Sky Photography is a boutique wedding photography business, specialising in unique, creative wedding photography. To ensure we give the very best creative energy for our couples, we limit the amount of weddings we shoot each year. For more info get in touch with us


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