Reflections of 2018

Here we are in 2019 and I finally have the time to sit down and look back on 2018.

It was a HUGE year, seeing us photograph 65 weddings plus our family and portrait work. We were privileged to be asked to photograph Manu's wedding (from MKR) with 5 pages in New Idea magazine, which I feel pretty happy about... and we also made some big decisions regarding the direction of Blue Sky Photography and how Jules & I want to live our lives.

But the biggest and best part of last year was all of our amazing couples and families. I would not be able to do what I love doing without you. So thank you for trusting me to photograph you all.

We also get to work with what feel is one of the best communities of wedding suppliers in Australia, there are too many to mention but you all know who you are! Every wedding was a success and it is in big part due to the professionalisim and dedication of you all.

There is also a huge amount of people supporting us on Facebook and Instagam. Without your support we would not be able to photograph so many people & places, so thank you all and please keep sharing and liking:)

The hardest part of writing this blog was choosing 50 images that I felt represented 2018, as there were thousands!! Every year I find I see things a bit differently and I love to challenge myself and go beyond where I was in the previous year. 2018, for me was all about colour, punchy B&W, incredible moments, creative angles and thinking outside the square of what is normally considered "wedding photography". 

After looking at this list of photographs I can't wait to see where we go in 2019!

So here we are, 50 images......





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