Palm Cove family photographer - Taylor, Daniel & Henry

Family time is very precious and what better time to have  your family photography than when you're relaxed and enjoying a wonderful family holiday in Palm Cove!

Palm Cove is a great place for a family holiday photography session. Iconic palm trees, a beautiful beach and lots of space for the kids to play. We photograph alot of families on holiday and I have a few special secret spots that I like to use along the beach.

There are times when I speak with people on the phone and I just know that the shoot is going to be something special. I first spoke with Daniel while I was driving home from Port Douglas after another family shoot and felt like I knew him straight away. It was no surpise that when I got to meet Taylor and their little boy Henry that I felt the same way.


We had our family photography session on the south end of Palm Cove beach which is one of my favorite places as it can offer so much in a small area and is great for kids. The family shoot was really just the three of them hanging out together and enjoying each others company. We kept it spontaneous and light with next to no direction from me other than where we could take the photos and a few prompts here and there. This way they could be themselves and the photographs reflect this.

Its so lovely being able to witness families having such a great time and seeing the interaction between parents and their children. When people look back on these photographs they are made so much more meaningfull becasue it was such a lovely experience. 

Thanks so much Taylor, Daniel & Henry for asking me to photograph this time for you:)


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