4 things I wish I'd known before my wedding day..

4 things I wish I'd known before my wedding day..

Grass & high heels are not a winning combo

I have a slight shoe addiction :)  Of COURSE I'm going to wear high heels for at least for part of my day...don't worry I had a pair of flats stashed for dancing later.

However, one thing I didn't think about: heels sink into the grass. So if you're going to have to walk on grass, sand, mud (we hope not!), or anything that isn't concrete, then you need heel plugs. They're clear plastic plugs that clip onto your heels and will save your sinking feeling. Best invention ever!  Get your bridesmaids to order them for you all.

 Stash some food for later

In the craziness of your wedding morning you won't eat much. It may be nerves, excitement, or just lots going on, but food is often the LAST thing you want. Funny how that glass of champas is just so needed though...

Often the next chance you will get to eat will be your reception, so in order to avoid that "hangry" feeling on your photo shoot, we always suggest you organise an eski with snacks and a few drinks to keep you going until dinner time.  This is a perfect job for your groomsmen...they're generally pretty good at remembering the food and drinks ;)

People will disappear when you're trying to get your group photos 

If you have a list of particular family/group photos that you want your photographer to get, then organise someone to call out their names during the group photos.  This will save you lots of time looking for uncle Bob as he's just nipped off for a smoke/to the bar/toilet break. Usually your MC is a great option for this job.


Things will go wrong

I hate to say it but even the most meticulously planned wedding will hit snags along the way.  We have seen groomsmen forget their suits, a cyclone, a guest pass out at the ceremony and wedding dresses break. Human nature says we aren't perfect, so if your wedding day hits a roadbump, please remember why you're there in the first place; to celebrate your love for each other, with all your family & friends.  Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring!

Jules, Blue Sky Photography

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