Benn has spent over 10 years as a professional photographer and I hope it doesn’t sound conceited but he’s absolutely brilliant at what he does, both creatively and with what he provides to our clients in service.  As an experienced, award winning wedding photographer, Benn has spent years in his profession, perfecting his art, seeking training from other top photographers to enhance his knowledge and skills, so he is able to perfectly capture your wedding memories. Long after your dress is hung up, your cake has been eaten and your guests have departed, it will be your wedding photographs that help you to look back and remember the excitement of your wedding day.

The equipment and training costs that Benn has spent to reach his photography level of experience are estimated at over $85 000. On any one wedding, Benn carries over $30 000 worth of the highest quality, professional grade camera & backup equipment, plus he is fully insured.

For every wedding day that we photograph, there is 40 hours of work generated, rather than the initial thought of just that day shooting.  This includes time in pre wedding meetings/calls to understand more about your plans, planning for your day plus our careful post production process including editing and creation of your highlights slideshow and packing of images.



As you have probably guessed by now, this is why, although we’d love to help you meet your budget, we aren’t able to be flexible with price. However, if you wanted to choose an off peak date (weekday or between November – April), then we would be able to be more flexible with your budget and possibly so would other suppliers, so this may be an option for you.


Of course, you will find cheaper. There always is. Ultimately, it is your wedding day and you must do what is right for you and your budget. Just please bear in mind that every photography business will charge according to their experience, creativity and business professionalism. 


Please feel free to ask any suppliers, or read our reviews on our Facebook page to see what our clients have felt about Benn’s service.